Beacon LED Flash notification v2.3
Beacon LED Flash notification v2.3
Overview: Beacon - Flash LED notifications for calls and SMS messages

 Beacon Flash Notifications notifies you of incoming calls and SMS text messages by emitting short bursts of bright light through the back camera flash light.
 choose from 7 call notification patterns and 6 SMS notification patterns
 Perfect notification for dark or noisy environments like a night out, quiet environments like meetings and offices, or if you need to monitor your phone at a distance, or for the hearing impaired.
 Please test your phone's capabilities with the test buttons.
 If the flash fires, you're all set. If it doesn't, please send me a mail, so I can add support for your device. I will not be able to respond to play store comments.
 Please note!
 Third party SMS apps (chomp SMS, GO SMS, handcent etc and some custom ROMS like MIUI) might hijack SMS messages and prevent them from reaching other apps including Beacon. If test buttons work, but flash still does not fire when receiving SMSs, this is most likely why. check your SMS app for settings.
 Known issues:
 - Samsung galaxy nexus will probably not be supported due to weird flash restrictions from Samsung.
 - Some motorola and LG devices might have issues. please let me know via mail if you experience problems.
 - There is a problem with call notifications on the tegra3 version of HTC One X. Trying to get my hands on a device to hunt down the bug. Snapdragon version (evita) works just fine.

 What's in this version:
 - added support for Motorola PHOTON (sunfire)
 - added support for Motorola DROID 4 (maserati)
 - Assuming newer Motorola devices generally supports standard Android API

Download Instructions: Released by chathu_ac