Requirements: 1.6 and up
Overview: AndCAD is a full 2D CAD application for your mobile device. Supports DXF!

 AndCAD is a full 2D CAD application for Android. Create and edit drawings directly on your mobile device. You can now take CAD anywhere you need to go!
 Key Features:
 True Vector Objects
 Object Snapping
 Direct Unit Input
 Full Layer Support
 Image Underlay
 AutoCAD® DXF Import/Export (beta)
 Landscape (WS) & Portrait Mode
 Tablet Support
 Geometric Objects:
 Line, Circle, Arc, Polyline, Polygon, PolyStar, Point, Text, Note, Linear Dimension, Aligned Dimension
 Edit Tools:
 Free Edit Mode, Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Break
 Upcoming Features:
 Additional Dimension Types
 Block/Symbol Support

Download Instructions:released by chathu_ac