Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Overview: This is very similar to my Louder Volume Hack application but rendered in code rather than pushing different files across.

 A Cyanogen Mod 7 or MIUI ROM is HIGHLY recommended. Running this app on a Stock ROM/Kernel may result in it not working, being far too quiet, or getting even quieter. PLEASE don't comment or rate badly if you are on a Stock ROM as this is most likely the problem.

 This Application is ONLY for phones running Gingerbread.
 It will NOT work on any other version of Android but should work on ANY phone running Gingerbread (2.3).

 * On/Off toggle
 * Volume Boost
 * EQ pre-sets
 * Bass Enhancer
 * Stereo Widener (only for Headset/Bluetooth Headset)
 * Virtual Room Effect (VRE - Echo)

 * Phone Speaker
 * Headset
 * Bluetooth Headset

 <* Please use the Headset Settings with caution. It could SERIOUSLY damage your hearing! (see terms and conditions within the app or the DISCLAIMER below) *>

 This application works in a similar way to DSP Manager but with this tool you can push the volume up much higher. It has options to boost the main Speaker Volume and add a Bass Enhancer.

 Please use this tool wisely. It can SERIOUSLY damage your speakers if not used carefully. I cannot stress this enough.

 What's in this version:
 - NEW v1.9.0.2/3 -
 - Bass Boost and Echo/Delay are fully working again
 - Headset and Bluetooth checks have been removed by popular demand (non-A2DP bluetooth devices should now work again)
 - Loading of Custom Profiles should work better
 - New Simple Volume Boost (does not use the EQ)
 - New Root Tools menu
 - Backup/Restore/Patch Build.prop file
 * Can modify In-call Volume steps
 - Backup/Restore/Patch Audio_Effects.conf file
 * Can get Volume+ working on some devices (HTC One X)
 - Bug Fixes
Download: Released by chathu_ac